Kerstin O’Shields video marketing class

Marketing Without Money Learn how to create FREE video marketing to gain more clients and sales, systematize your business, and to build your brand as a leader in your industry!
The most difficult part of the life of a real estate agent is finding prospects that want to list or buy property.  There are so many companies trying to sell agents leads.  Whether it is a referral database, internet advertising, or a subscription to a lead generation program the goal is to separate agents from their money with lots of promises and little success.  There is no easy way to grab the business in the real estate industry. But, it is possible to become highly successful without paying someone else to bring you loser leads.  

 As a result of taking this class the real estate licensee shall be able to: 

  • Understand the importance of setting yourself apart from the crowd of other agents
  • Build a powerful lead generation program for yourself
  • Get involved in the social media world as it is the future of marketing
  • Learn the ways to share information and ideas and make connections using video
  • Create a social media marketing plan and create a video to keep in touch with your database to get more referrals
When: 1/6/2019  10AM to 1PM
Where: The Plateau Club, Sammamish WA


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